Termites are social insects who live in colonies that will keep growing as long as they have food to feed off of.  Drywood termites are the most common type found in homes, however, subterranean termites thrive in areas with high moisture like bathrooms.  Many times termites find their homes inside the walls and floors of your home which can lead to costly damage.

Some signs that your home might have termite damage are:

  • Tunnels on wooden surfaces created by termites chewing at the wood
  • Large holes or craters in tree stumps or firewood
  • The smell of mold with the addition of tunnels
  • Walls, floors or ceilings that start to bulge

If you see any of these indications, call US Pro-Master and our trained termite control specialists will perform a thorough inspection of your property to determine the types of termites that have done the damage and decide on the best treatment.  US Pro-Master will set up a treatment plan to help you monitor and prevent future termite infestations.